Technical details

Full HD recording

Support maximum 1080P video recording, user can self-define the resolution and code rate.

Timer shooting

Set the countdown time to start shooting.

Shooting mode

Support full screen, rectangle shooting and random switching, support switching between horizontal and vertical screen.

Multistage shooting

Can implement continuous multiple shooting, breakpoint shooting.

Camera switch

Support front and rear camera switching.

Flash light

Support turn on/off flash lamp to provide light compensation to recording video.

Focus and focal length

Can set focus to picture, and can zoom in/out video picture while recording.

Exposure compensation

Adjust the exposure degree of picture while recording.

Audio mixing recording

Add music along recording, to make audio mixing recording.

Real time watermark

You can draw watermark in camera screen, and record into the video in real time.

Save video

Can save the video into mobile album or appointed file folder.