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Same style cut/shoot
Cut /shoot in the same style, use SDK technology to replace the pictures or video material from the mobile device, preview the effects in real time, and produce a sensational video.
TikTok special effects

Filter effects: Jiggle, out of body, heartbeat, spotlight.
Time effects: Slow motion, repeat, reverse.

Multi-screen picture in picture

Record multiple videos separately and combine them into a picture-in-picture video with unlimited tracks. Create video effects including picture-in-picture and split-screen.

All-round editor
Integrates various video editing functions to combine any processes for users to achieve professional editing effects.
  • Subtitle animation
  • Back play/Adjust speed effect
  • Dubbing/Background music
  • Transition effect
  • Filter/Sticker
  • Audio effect/Change voice
Flexible shooting
Provides various functions for video shooting, improving flexibility and diversity to meet professional requirements.
  • Multi-segment, multi-frame shooting, special effects shooting, real-time watermarking
  • Template shooting live filter adjust focus and focal length
  • Shooting with sound countdown shooting beauty face, beauty shape
  • Various speed shooting
Real-time beauty

Integrates whitening, skin smoothing, blush and other basic beauty functions that can be directly applied for global beautification of pictures and video scenes.

2/3D facial animation props (Third-party SDK)

Based on facial recognition technology and dynamic rendering algorithms to create various dynamic sticker effects. Sticker materials can be imported from online.

Real-time beauty shaping

Based on AI artificial intelligence processing, facial parameters can be easily adjusted for selfies and vlogs in various scenarios.

Smart key/Green screen key

Quickly identify portrait contours in pictures or videos and replace backgrounds with different degrees of background blur. Users can design and use various video picture background templates to protect the privacy of personal environments and encourage creativity. Brand owners can customize dynamic backgrounds such as festival hotspots for marketing projects to create more effective communication strategies.

Highly UI-based SDK

Create different UI interface flow styles from simple to complex, single-track editing to multi-track editing clip styles. Meet different users’ needs. Help product managers and developers with an intuitive display and complete code control, shortening the time from product design to launch.