Function illustration

The art designers will use Adobe After Effect to design the effect template on PC,

then to replace pictures and video material of mobile set with SDK technology, preview in real time, and combine together to make your MV album at last.

AE Template (Photo album)

  • Can load picture material from album.
  • Support clip editing, subtitle, ordering, and filter after load the template.
  • Support cloud deploy with self-defined template, support template classification.
  • Provide related technical document, and technical support service.

Basic AE effect

Shape:Support oval, rectangle, rounded rectangle, multilateral star, group, repeater, pruning path (separate or simultaneous).

Filling:Support color, opacity, fill rule, radial gradient, and current gradient.

Transformation:Position (x/y), zoom, option, opacity, father son level, and auto orient.

Interpolation:Linear interpolation, Bessel interpolation, Preserving interpolation, Spatial Bessel interpolation, and Floating time.

Mask:Mask path, mask opacity, adding, minute, and cross.

Track matte:Alpha matte, Alpha reversed matte.

Other:Expression, Picture, precomps, Time stretch, time remapping.

Self-define special effect

Mask Special effect:Video with transparent channel.

Screen Special effect:Suitable for rendering effect.

Chroma Special effect:Suitable for green screen material.

AE Advanced Special effect

Support tone effect, Gauss blur effect, corner positioning effect, Bezier Warp, directional blur (Android), radial blur(Android).