Function illustration

Clip editing

VerySDK provides basic clip editing solution for mobile videos. Standard editing can be performed on media material to meet the needs of video editors.


Adjust the picture ratio for videos or images, and cut the picture.


Reflect videos or images and rotate them to any angle.


Add filters including ACV color matching, 3D LUT filter, and others to media material while editing. 60 material templates are provided. Supports customized extension and online deployment.

Color matching

Supports granular adjustments with the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, and vignette of media materials.

Video splitting

Split the video into multiple precise segments on the timeline.

Video trimming

Trim a selected length of a video.

Speed adjustment

Perform granular adjustments with video playback speed.

Copy and record

Copy a piece of edited media material; supports adjusting the order of media materials.


  • Add text, images or videos between two media materials as the transition effect.
  • Add transition effects between two media materials and supports customized extension as well as online configuration.

Inverting video playback

Can invert the playback sequence of a video. Note: Audio cannot be inverted.