Function illustration

Clip editing

VerySDK provide basic clip editing solution for mobile video. You can do standard editing to media material, so to achieve the request of video maker.


Adjust picture ratio for video and picture, and cut picture.


Implement the flip and rotate in certain angle for video and picture.


Add filter to media material while editing, include ACV color matching, 3D LUT filter, and other filters. It provide 60 material template, support self-defined extension and online deployment.

Color matching

Support to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, white balance, and dark corner of media material in grain size.

Video splitting

Split the video accurately into multiple segments in time line.

Video interception

Intercept certain video with certain time length.

Speed adjustment

Adjust video display speed in grain size.

Copy and record

Copy a piece of edited media material, support order adjustment between media material.


  • Add text, picture and video between two media material to be the transition effect.
  • Can add transition effect between two media material, support self-defined extension and online configuration.

Video playback

Can invert a forward video. Note: Voice cannot upside down.