Function illustration

Filters/Dynamic effects

Circle 1, Circle 2, Water reflection, Black and white comic, Comic, Out of body, Heartbeat, Spikes, Flash to white, Change color, Mirror image, Magic mirror, Pixelate, Shake, Psychedelic, TV, Spotlight.

Split screen effects

Left right split, Four screens, Three screens, Six screens, Two screens, Nine screens, Black and white three screens

Transition effects

Kaleidoscope, Left to right cylinder, Right to left cylinder, Downward cylinder, Upward cylinder, Left to right crossing, Right to left crossing, Downward crossing, Upward crossing, Radial crossing, Rotation 1, Rotation 2, Rotation 3, Triangular zoom, Rectangular zoom, Rectangular merge, Sudoku grid.

Time effects

Slow motion, Repeat, Reverse

Open design:

Provides interface for connection to Shader script, allows for unlimited customization of special effects!