Function illustration

Video templates (Creative video) Templates of artistic effects designed by the creative team in graphics video process software use SDK technology to replace image/video materials in mobile sets, providing real-time previews of the product also. Through this, users are able to craft fantastic videos of their own.

Video templates (Creative Video)

  • Supports the upload of corresponding images and video materials as required by templates.
  • Provides 100 free templates.
  • Supports custom templates with cloud deployment, as well as template organization.
  • Provides real-time preview of effects.
  • Provides relevant technical documents, template engineering samples and technical support services.

Basic effects

Shape:Supports oval, rectangle, rounded rectangle, multilateral star, grouping, interrupter, creating and editing paths (singular or simultaneous) .

Fill:Supports color, opacity, fill parameter, radial gradient, and current gradient.

Transformation:Coordinates (x/y), zoom, option, anchor point, opacity, parenting, and auto-orientation.

Interpolation:Linear interpolation, Bessel interpolation, preserving interpolation, spatial Bessel interpolation, and floating time.

Mask:Mask path, mask opacity, adding, subtraction, and crossing.

Track matte:Alpha matte, Alpha reversed matte.

Other:Expression, image, precomps, time extension, time remapping.

Custom special effects

Mask special effect:For videos with transparent channels.

Screen special effect:Suitable for halo effect.

Chroma special effect:Suitable for green screen materials.

Advanced Special effect

Supports tone effects, Gaussian blur, corner positioning, Bezier warp, directional blur (Android), and radial blur (Android).